B-Cube Consulting Limited offers a wide range of consulting services to meet the client’s needs. Some of the products and services that B-Cube Consulting Limited offer includes:

Brand, Design and Interior Services

On-site Consultations

We offer flexible and convenient consultations for busy homeowners and professionals at the venues of their choice; at the office or home. The consultation will include all necessary designs, layouts and product samples for clients to review, thus saving them time to visit numerous stores to choose what they want.

Project Survey and Analysis

B-Cube Consulting Limited will assess the layout and function of each site and interview each client to determine the specific requirements for the project. B-Cube Consulting Limited will then analyse the information collected to plan the design concepts, sketches, prototype and layouts needed.

Design Concepts

The design concept begins with a treasured piece of fabric or furniture, or simply a blank page. The goal is to attain the “look” and “feel” a client wants, from “light and airy” to “rich and elegant” to “comfortable and cozy.” Each project develops its own flavour from the unique selection of fabrics, furniture, and finishes.

Finishes and Furnishings

Implementing a design or layout is dependent on number factors that impact furniture and finishes selection. B-Cube Consulting Limited will use its expertise to guide its clients to make the best choices to meet their needs. We will apply creativity in selecting the product that creates the desired final design that meets the client’s charm.

Custom Design

This will require customized furniture, built-ins, and window treatments. At B-Cube Consulting Limited we will produce detailed drawings to help clients visualize the finished piece.

Purchasing, Delivery, and Installation

As a complementary to our consultancy designs, when the client has made the final selections, B-Cube Consulting Limited will assume all responsibility for coordinating the purchasing, delivery and installation of the entire project.

Project Coordination and Management

To ensure the customers’ needs are met, B-Cube Consulting Limited will prepare step by step project plans for installation of the various projects to maximize efficiency, reduce wastage and time. In addition, B-Cube Consulting Limited will coordinate all aspects of these projects to ensure smooth transitions from each phase until project completion.

Fashion Design and Styling Services

Fashion Styling

B-Cube Consulting Limited will analyze your body shape, current personal style, current shopping structures and self image to define what suites you and give reasons why. Educate and Identify client on outfits and colours that will accentuate your body shape, create styles that will work for various occasions and most importantly, focus on your lifestyle.

Financial management consultancy

B-Cube Consulting Limited will provide though to an extent business management services including: remediation project services, financial planning advice, customer management services, marketing, claims handling and compensation costs analysis.